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Travel culture has extended far beyond ‘Ten places to visit before you die’ and ‘Where to stay if you want to contract hives for under $10 a night’ (the latter of which I thoroughly enjoyed – the title was as good as it’s word). Indeed, travel journalism and travel culture is truly a world phenomenon (second meaning intended) and defines 5 star luxury resort restaurant reviews, transport specific apps and even magazines you read, that tell you the books you should be reading when you’re reading on holiday. It’s seemingly never ending nonsense.

But yet, there is room for more. But not just more more, intelligent more. The bits in between, the bits not recorded in diaries or sent home to mum and dad, the independent travel writing not sponsored by Club Med and the photographs not captured for cash, but it is these moments and experiences that define Nowhere Magazine s content. 

Out of New York, this eclectic mix of travel writing, photo’s, clips and sound tracks started in 2009 as a web zine, but has since grown to boast 5 print issues and has recently been reborn as a downloadable digital quarterly.

The latest issue, Issue 6, covers strange souvenirs from Italy, a slightly strange coming-of-age story (read losing virginity) involving a 15-year-old and a stripper in Ensenada, Mexico, a collection of collage art made from rubbish found in Chole (an island off the coast of Tanzania if you weren’t sure), experiences from an illegal speakeasy in Iraq and a few more besides. But to tickle your travel feet a little (and hopefully magazine purchasing purse), Nowhere have shared some snippets from their latest offering, which I in turn, will share with you;

The Einkawa neighborhood in Erbil, Iraq, is where the infidels live. Being a Christian district it is the only place in the city that serves alcohol publicly — in dark, fuliginous bars with crossed-out pistol signs on the door, meaning the bouncer will hold onto yours until you’re done drinking.

As we enter one such bar a man with thick black chest hair pushing through his half-buttoned shirt frisks us.

“Do you really have problems with people bringing weapons in here?” Rajo, my traveling companion, asks.

The man grins and without speaking opens a drawer. Within it are six confiscated pistols…’

(By David Jennings)

And another snippet. Because I know you want more. And you like the photo below.

Bob held up three fingers to the bartender and mouthed cerveza over a thumping bass line while Diane headed for the bathroom.  I was 15 and this was the first time I’d ever seen a woman’s breasts with my bare eyes. I stared. So much so I didn’t notice Bob was about ten feet away chatting with a woman.

“Okay,” he said when he returned to the table. “Diane and I are going to check out some 18-and-over bars. And you…” he paused, “that woman I was talking to is going to strip in a few minutes and then you’re going to go with her.”

“Go with her?” I asked. “Where?” Instead of answering me, he said: “Everything’s taken care of. Have fun.” Then they walked out of the bar…’

(David Farley)

To read more snippets from issue 6, click on the link to Nowhere Magazine and on the right hand side navigation bar, click ‘Read Issue 6′. For US$5 you can purchase a copy for any type of tablet. (PDFs are also available and a print copy will set you back US$20.)

new-moustache.jpgAll photo’s courtesy of Nowhere Magazine. Cheers!

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