Giselle Interview – A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Dreams have long been a focal point of both social and scientific intrigue. They are places of whim that warp and twist time, providing a platform for us each to be quietly and temporarily insane in our beds every night of the year.

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Bishop Nehru Interview

At a time when the hip hop game is being scrambled and realigned explosively by ‘rhyme without reason’ rap (think Flatbush Zombies, OFWGKTA, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil B, Kreayshawn, A$AP Rocky etc.), it’s increasingly hard to place a marker on where hip hop begins and […]

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My Dad’s My Mate

My earliest memory of dad is going into his bedroom when we lived in Melbourne and delivering a hot cuppa as he sat up in bed. I can even remember the stale smell of the bedroom air. After delivering the tea, I got the obligatory hug and inherent face rub and I distinctly remember complaining that Dad’s coarse stubble scratched and hurt my face. Being middle of five kids, we all used to do simple things like this for dad.

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Eternity Stew Interview

This article first appeared in Drop-Magazine Portraits June Canedo  Amongst the rolling litter and passing Cadillac’s of downtown Bushwick, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao hone their craft, in a shared loft space, amongst the fluorescent trees of their artistic endeavors. In a state of creative bliss withdrawn […]

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Sam Chirnside Interview

This article first appeared in Drop-Magazine Portraits Colby Vincent Edwards All other images courtesy Sam Chirnside By the late 1960s, the psychedelic art movement had achieved an unbelievable degree of cultural diffusion and dissemination. As psychedelia enjoyed its moment under aquarius, diffracting patterns, rubber lettering and organic, […]

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The Devils Advocate

Last year marked the fortieth anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, now best remembered in the West for the misinformation peddled to Israeli intelligence preceding the attack. Prior to 1973 Israeli national security were aware of Arab war plans. However, basing their likelihood of attack […]

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Kyle Thompson

Aged just 21, Kyle Thompson encapsulates all that is fresh is about photography in the modern era; his is an imagination unbound by traditional concepts and technological limitations. Creating still works that are reminiscent of key scenes in Indie movies, Thompson’s photography appears to be […]

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Thailand’s Bloody Vegetarian Festival

Veneration for Gods and Ancestors takes on a whole new meaning at Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival, AKA the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, where walking on fire or driving a brace of swords through your cheeks is the height of religious devotion. Thailand‘s nine-day Vegetarian Festival in […]


Guy Bourdin

“The work of Guy Bourdin was about life. He knew beforehand that sex and violence would soon become key factors of our society”  Francine Crescent , French Vogue  Editor in Chief , 1964 Guy Louis Bourdin was born in Paris in 1928. After receiving some photography training […]

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The World’s Weirdest Book

The Codex Seraphinianus is one of the weirdest 400 pages of text, extravagant illustrations and hand drawn notes anybody has ever seen. This is no large part thanks to the fact that besides the title page, which is loosely based on latin, nobody has ever […]

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A phone worth keeping

No doubt the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone left everyone feeling decidedly underwhelmed. Compounding this feeling is the exhaustion that accompanies the release of another iPhone on the market, as with a new release the one in your pocket is another step towards being […]


The passage of time

Beyond extended exposure, there are very few ways to visually capture the passing of time in a still image. However, in his latest series Time is a dimension, Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei pushes these visual story telling boundaries. By shooting landscapes from a stationary position over a […]

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