MeandMyMoustache release extremely limited, special edition line of clothing

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With the new year, comes new things and even My Moustache and I are not immune to change. Nor would we want to be, especially when change comes in the flavour of great new t-shirts! As a gift to the author from a MeandMyMoustache fan, the aforementioned author is proud to announce the existence of an extremely limited run of one MeandMyMoustache branded t-shirts.

photo-1I am unsure of exactly whom the young man wearing my shirt is. However, these photos accompanying the shirt surely suggest there are more me and my moustache garments in existence than previously thought! Well, its either that, or this guy is wearing my t-shirt before I got a chance to.

But for the sake of my ego, lets assume they could be in the process of being produced in the hundreds as we speak. We may never know. But if you do sight one in any of the worlds major capitals, walking along the street worn by a conscientious, stylish individual as they are sure to be, please be in touch!

However, to the fan in question, Me and My Moustache would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful gift, encourage further gifts in the future and now look forward to the inevitable unveiling of the t-shirt at the upcoming Paris fashion week.


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