A break up on Valentines Day

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2011, Business, Innovation, marketing

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has been and gone, but the impact this latest festival has had on advertising in Australia has not been lost.

Clemenger BBDO scooped the PR Lions Grand Prix for their NAB Break Up Campaign and the advertising landscape in Australia will never be the same again. Clemenger have emerged as the creative forerunner and have sent other similar size firms scrambling to keep up.

The NAB campaign was released on valentines day 2011 and played out over various media to attract the broadest possible audience. From helicopter fly overs, to huge building size posters, to “handwritten” notes posted on electrical poles explaining the situation, NAB was everywhere. However, the message could not have been clearer. NAB were sick of moving as other banks do, were sick of being classed as one of the “Big 4”, were sick of being thought of being able to offer nothing more than the others.

Whatever their thoughts, Clemenger’s response to this issue were human, creative, easy to relate to and achieved NAB’s objective better than could have initially been comprehended.

Being different has once again been re-affirmed as an admirable trait.

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