Friends – Where good ideas come from

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2012, Business, Creativity, Design, Documentary, Innovation

My Moustache and I have long been fans of the now famous TED Talks, however, a new medium has arisen that is capturing our attention. Running along side the familiar format of TED talks is RSA Animate, where great ideas and funnily enough, talks are presented. However, where RSA differs from our mate TED, is that as the ideas are being presented, they are concurrently being visually represented.

The episode I would like to present to you, is titled “Where Good Ideas Come From – The natural history of innovation”. Narrated and authored by notable thinker Steven Johnson, it aims to track down the origin of creativity.

Through his research, Mr. Johnson has arrived at two clear outcomes. Innovation is the result of 1), time and 2), an increase in connectivity, i.e. spending time with your friends. Whilst I am sure I have received a  few very bad ideas from my particular group of friends, according to Johnson they are key to the realisation and ultimately, fruition of ideas. True creativity flourishes in an environment rich with different influences,is aided by innate ability, but most importantly, the best creative results are encountered when you live by the age old adages of hard work, time  and getting by with a little help from your friends.

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