The Dark Side of the Lens

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2012, Art, Documentary, Photography

The dark side of the Lens

Mickey Smith in an inspirational video takes us into a view of his world, from his side of the lens. A true artist, willing to sacrifice for his art, Mickey has suffered broken limbs and backs, hypothermia, and near drowning to document the Celtic ocean, as he sees it.  With a burning passion for the familiar frontier of his homeland and the wave riders who harness the harsh coast line’s awesome power, Mickey is haunted by images of empty waves. Resigned to the fact he may only barely scrape a living doing what he does, he wants it to be a living worth being remembered, whether that is with a photo or a scar.

A beautiful biopic looking at the life of those who live behind the lens and shared with My Moustache and I, by the semi-regular contributor and film maker, Jonathan Lim.  See contributors page for more on Mr. Lim.

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