Skateistan – The power of sport

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2012, Documentary, Travel

My Moustache and I have long acknowledged the healing and escape powers of sport, however this video took me by surprise.

We often hear of basketball being the route to another life, the court being an oasis away from troubled life. Football eases minds and relieves tensions. Boxing disciplines and builds confidence, so why skating should be any different does not occur to me immediately, but rather it just didn’t occur to me at all that it too was a magic carpet ride to another, happier place.

When I think of skating, I think of it as a urban life style. It is more than just the riding and the board, it is the clothing, the shoes, the trucks, the deck design, the slang and jargon, but an inspirational Australian has removed all the bull shit and taken it back to its purest form. Skate boarding is for the enjoyment of kids. A past time that can last a life time.

Kabul, Afghanistan, is just about the last place on earth one would expect to see the progressive sport of skate boarding taking a foothold amongst the boys, and importantly the girls of the ravaged city.  But that is exactly what is happening. Just watch.

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