A hard way to gain an audience

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2012, Business

My Moustache and I have nothing but admiration for these two gents. They certainly put in the hard yards, the home work and the effort to pull off their stunt. And they did it in emphatic style.

What these two were after was a job. However, the process they underwent was not the normal one of submitting a resume, going for interview, doing a test having another interview etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. The way they got their job was far less than conventional. And maybe even easier come to think of it?

What they did was purchase the domain names or dot coms of Melbourne’s top creative directors. An innovative idea indeed! The next step in their wily plan was to let those top directors know that they had purchased the rights to their name on the Internet, by following up with an anonymous letter promising repercussions to their online identity, if the person in question did not agree to hold an audience with them. And sharply!

In return, not surprisingly, they had several interviews very quickly and ultimately, are both now happily employed! Hoorah.

What we should learn from this in this Internet savvy world is to purchase the rights to our names on the Internet immediately. No one steal harrithomas.com, or else!

Watch and learn.

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