80’s NYC Hardcore and Skinheads

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2012, Art, Photography

Originating among working class youths in London in the 1970’s, Skinheads strong aesthetic soon caught on in a global way. Although the first skinheads were apolitical, it wasn’t long before the movement attracted less than desirable connotations relating to their political and social leanings.

Despite this, Skinhead subculture jumped continents and became a prominent force in 1980’s New York City. These photo’s, captured by actress and photographer Brooke Smith, (who nowadays is better known as the girl down the well in Silence of the Lambs and the doctor Erica Hahn on Grey’s anatomy), were only recently released but give an intriguing insight into the original anti-establishment establishment.

A more complete list of the photo’s can be found at: http://www.streetbonersandtvcarnage.com/blog/old-new-york-hardcore-photos/

High fives and good times.

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