Vive Cool City

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2012, Documentary, Travel

If my moustache and I were pushed to describe Vive Cool City in one word, it would be RAW. was started by a group of young Australians, based in Melbourne, who were fed up with the availability of quality content in Australian media.

While the deliverance on this initial goal of providing quality can at times be called into question, what can’t be torn down is the commitment to uncensored and unbridled content.  Filmed as four to five minute documentary shorts, Vive Cool City now boasts over 300 episodes that have covered everything from incest in Tasmania, to kidnapping in Mexico, homeless kids in LA, peep shows, pick-up artists, men who believe they are the reincarnation of Jesus, heroin addicts & donkey rape. 

The team, having now grown to 30 plus individuals, received it’s major break in it’s first episode, when they accidentally captured a suburban Melbourne shooting whilst filming outside a brothel. Vive Cool City Ep. 1 “The shooting”

In this next episode, titled “I belong to master” the plot is fairly self explanatory.

Vive Cool City is pretty full on. Whilst not always this way, as the episodes are sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes utterly ridiculous, the only thing Vive Cool City guarantee throughout is that it they will make you think, talk and question what you thought you knew.

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