There’s something fishy about those phone booths

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2012, Art, Travel

In modern Osaka, no one uses pay phones. This is not because the people of Osaka don’t want to use pay phones, it’s just that they are now competing with hundreds of goldfish for the mouth piece.

Japanese art collective Kingyob have taken a group of Osaka phone booth’s beyond their current use as a transparent change room for super heroes/bums and have refashioned these unused glass coffins into large gold fish aquariums. The use of gold fish, I’m told, has all kinds of significance within Japanese culture (including prosperity and happiness) and the site of these little buggers swimming around the city returns a whimsical and bizarre spectacle. But then, it got me thinking. Prosperity and happiness has kind of been wasted on gold fish. Surely whales would be more useful benefactors of the significance, as only the hardest man would knowingly harpoon happiness? And they could use a break. 

But any way, the installations are named “Gold Tele” and as yet, no one has been overtaken by the urge to take a hammer to the the sides of one of these babies, which is a true testament to Japanese self control. However, the question that need be asked of the team behind this temporary instalment, is who amongst them put their hand up to take on the post art task of ‘rehoming’/flushing  all these fish?

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