Cars are so yesterday – The invisible bike helmet

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2012, Business, Design, Fashion, Sustainability

Ten million dollars of venture capital, seven years, breaking gender moulds and persistence is seemingly what it takes to create the impossible. Whilst I can not attest to this being the sure fire formula, it has proven to work in one case thus far, where the impossible in question is an invisible bike helmet.

Design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, from (surprise surprise) Copenhagen, have pursued the revolutionary idea of an invisible bike helmet relentlessly. So much so, their project has transcended physics and design. The helmet they are designing is a symbol of a greater ideal pursued by the duo. They want to change the world, they want to prove to people that the impossible is possible, that things need not stay the same for sames sake. Their “Hövding” helmet over which they have bled and cried, is their weapon of mass inspiration.

ON the practical side of things, the “Hövding” helmet is in fact a collar. The collar contains a folded up airbag that you’ll only see in the event of an accident. The airbag is shaped like a hood, surrounding and protecting the cyclists head. The trigger mechanism is controlled by sensors which pick up abnormal movements that occurs in an accident.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.
For my moustache and myself, this invention is a perfect solution to many of first world life’s woes. Living in a nation where helmet’s are frustratingly compulsory (when on a bike), the Hövding presents an alternative to the hair messer upperer of a traditional helmet. Whilst this is not a concern of my own,(the hair messing up) I have been told it is a concern of others and a very real turn off to cycling. In an age where fossil fuels reign supreme, any measure that can make cycling easier and more comfortable is a good thing. People know the risks of riding without a helmet, let them take the fall if they have a fall, lets revoke mandatory helmet laws in Australia and let’s move towards a greener, more sustainable, cycle driven economy. And that’s my four cents. Two each for my moustache and myself.

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