Ink in Water – That’s really all Albert Seveso does. But god damn its good.

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2012, Art, Design, Photography, Pictures]

You might not know Albert Seveso yet, but you might have seen the cover of the new Temper Trap album. And yes, you know where I’m going with this; that’s Seveso. ‘But what is it on the cover?’ I hear you think. Well, what the Italian designer has captured are actually billowing plumes of ink suspended in water. Since his first series, there have been many imitations of this kind of ink photography, but no one captures the silky nuances of ink the way Seveso does, which is so dynamic that it almost looks like moving fabric or smoke in an airless room. These photographs are truly a once off, with each having unique folds and twists as the dye twirls and spins,  thus, it is virtually impossible to ever again replicate the images captured below. Truly a moment captured in time.

Whilst Seveso has done several series of these images, his latest series, Il Mattino ha l’oro in bocca, employs the use of metallic ink, which adds a sparkly and dramatic aspect to the rich clouds of pigment. The first of the photographs below, are drawn from this latest endeavour.

Seveso has been a busy bee and also released a series of wallpapers, free of watermarks (pardon the pun) for your download and continued pleasure; here  Which was kind of him.

So go ahead, have a look, admire the ink and water combo, then see whether you can resist having a crack! Seveso would want you to, comfortable in the knowledge you can’t drop dye in water, like he drops dye in water.


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