Amateur photo’s from China

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2013, Art, Photography

Thomas Sauvin

Rummaging around in Chinese tips isn’t Me and My Moustaches idea of a good time. But hey, who’s to say it can’t be somebody else’s? That somebody, is Thomas Sauvin, a French artist, who has spent the past several years collecting old photo-negatives from recycling dumps around Beijing. That’s a photo of him on the left, and he looks like a pretty weird dude, so it kind of makes sense. But all the power to him! He’s killing it. In pursuit of this project, Sauvin has now accumulated more than 500,000 photos, each and every photo was discarded by those who they mean something to and now he has resurrected them completely out of context, for our viewing pleasure. These amateur shots vary a great deal in caliber and content, but they provide a unique view of a time in China when society at large was undergoing rapid change. From 1985 – 2005, from the dawn of the Kodak consumer camera to the advent of digital photography, these photo’s are surprising, cliché, kitsch, retro and above all else, pretty cool. The photo’s below are choice selection of the resurrected negatives.

Below is a profile of the artist and his project.


Images via Sauvin’s Silvermine project on Facebook and The Guardian.

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