England Your England

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2013, Art, Documentary

Leading from and extending the material of George Orwell’s essays of the same name, England Your England (E.Y.E) is an ongoing documentary series that showcases a diverse array of human stories from across the Kingdom. Approaching the same content as Orwell panicked to do prior to an ‘inevitable’ Nazi invasion, Brighton based filmmaker Matt Hopkins re-tackles the task of defining this modern nation in contemporary detail.

Holding the credo that ‘a nation is the sum of it’s parts’ dear, Hopkins subtly bucks the widely circulated impression that a country is defined by those who lead it, by delivering the stories of the forgotten many. Certainly bleak, but definitely fascinating, the series extends to a washed up football player, a homeless piano tuner, an ex-convict and a philanthropic elderly man to provide depth and breadth to the rhetoric pedaled by Tourism England. Showing compassion and artistic restraint, the series forces a different perspective of the modern Crowded Island upon viewers, presenting a rare and accurate window into the life of the English everyman.

A recent commitment to produce ‘at least’ another 12 short films this year, means this project is far from being done. Which is good news for Me and My Moustache, as the diverse array of talent and misfortune from across the cultural and racial spectrum of Britain provides compelling viewing we can’t wait to see more of.

Below are the four episodes currently released;


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