Ryanair tells patrons to ‘Shut the F*ck up!’

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2013, Business, marketing, Travel

Every so often in the world of advertising there is a game changer that blows aside the dominant campaign paradigm with a broad and heavy brush.  Not in interested in tailored service, good looking air hostesses or sweeping walks through the uncrowded airport is Ryanair’s new ‘Shut the F*ck Up’ campaign.

In a vivacious and carefree manner, Ryanair reasserts their well known but rarely stated service promise; That there is in fact, no service at all. Brutally reminding their patrons that they didn’t choose Ryanair for the in flight entertainment or free and delicious refreshments, Ryanair are leaping into unknown and dangerous territory. There is much to be said for brands that tell it like it is, ( Another Bloody Water, A Man With a Van etc.), but telling your patrons to ‘Shut the F*ck up!’ for posing a question or registering a complaint certainly runs against the conventional wisdom on the topic. But yet, never have the meek conquered the earth.

Created by the Miami Ad School, which is based in Berlin (go figure), the Ryanair campaign was art directed by Hugo Gstrein with copy by Patrick Tamisiea. Being given the banal brief to remind potential flyers that Ryanair is depressingly cheap, Grstein and Tamisiea have laid the golden duo; ‘unexpected’ and ‘genuine’.Beyond the shocking word play, this campaign serves its purpose down to a tee; It delivers Ryanair patrons a keen smack of perspective which re-asserts the airlines priorities within it’s target audience AND it raises the profile of the company as a whole. Perfectomundo.

Miami Ad School have recently made a case study of their campaign. Oddly enough, it seems the voice over artist seems to b neither a German nor Americans, but an Australian. Which is strange. They must think the accent is exotic….

But yet, you have to wonder. For Ryanair to release these ads, it is clear they are drinking more from the tap than a keen sense of joie de vivre; it is either a full blown mental illness or incredulity that they have made it this far. But either way, it really tickles my goat, how about yours?


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