Sachin Teng

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2013, Art, Creativity, Design, Innovation, Pictures]

Combining geometric and digital aspects with washy colours and stylised caricatures, the signature of Los Angeles illustrator Sachin Teng is now unmistakeable in it’s direction and origin. Originally from New York, Teng attended the Pratt Institute, which vaulted him into the brand and publication sphere. Amongst his triumphs he notes Adidas, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, The New Yorker and the Discovery Channel Magazine, to name but a few.

Pursuant to the “stays hungry, stay foolish” mantra, Teng continues to test boundaries in his work whilst building a cohesive body of work that My Moustache and I can’t get enough of.

Illustrator Sachin Teng

Illustrator Sachin Teng

Art is less a craft than it is a language. Sometimes things get lost in translation, so I spend most of my time finding the artifacts people have left behind.”
Sachin Teng

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