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2013, Art, Creativity, Design, Innovation, Music

Oh Yeah Wow are a Melbourne based rag tag group of animators, film-makers and friends who make astoundingly creative music videos for the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Gotye and most recently, Empra. Billing themselves as ‘Unlicensed pyrotechnicians, unappreciated comedians’ and ‘unemployed animators’, Oh Yeah Wow can add modest to the talented that sits firmly atop their head.

As it is tough to convey the genius, creative direction and technical execution of O.Y.W’s clips without first seeing one, My Moustache and I thought that might be a good (and logical) place to start.

As we are dessert before dinner kind of guys at Me And My Moustache, we will begin with our favourite of O.Y.W’s clips to date; Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc– Time To Go

Take a breath.

And now you are sufficiently calmed, understand that each scene was painstakingly put together using stop animation. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, stop animation is defined as the movement of an object in small increments between individually photographed frames, followed by the playing of these photographs in a continuous and very fast sequence so that the illusion of movement is conveyed.

Now think about how long that clip was. And how many photographs make up one second of footage. And how many legs that octopus had. And how purposeful he looked banging around turning things blue – Can you imagine how long that took?! It’s actually incredible.

But this type of work is far from being a one off for Oh Yeah Wow. Preceding the Wax Tailor Clip came ‘Ripple’, which is featured below. Employing the same painstaking stop animation techniques as those in the Wax Tailor clip, this piece pairs the patience of the creative team with a beautiful and rarely used effect known as ‘light painting’ – once again light painting is easier to show than explain:

And the list of incredible works and film clips goes on and on….

Undeterred by hard work and unconstrained by conventional (and modern) boundaries of creativity, Oh Yeah Wow are beginning to grow the fan base they deserve.Big ups must go to the boys from Melbourne and with the sincerest of intentions, I hope they continue to do what they do for many years to come.

new moustacheAs is to be expected, they have a Facebook page and you can follow them on Vimeo.

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