The passage of time

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Beyond extended exposure, there are very few ways to visually capture the passing of time in a still image.

However, in his latest series Time is a dimension, Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei pushes these visual story telling boundaries. By shooting landscapes from a stationary position over a 2-4 hour period and then digitally slicing the images to create a layered collage, Wei is able to beautifully demonstrate the passage of time in a near linear and immediately comparable manner. Shooting at sunrise or sunset in order to capture the greatest range of colour in the sky, Wei keeps the basic structure of a landscape present in every still photograph but with each concentric layer shows a different slice of time, which is related in time to the adjacent panel/layer.

The transition from daytime to night is gradual and noticeable in every piece, but is beyond that which is capable using traditional photographic methods.

My Moustache and I think it’s fantastic.

You can see many more examples on his website, and read more about his process right here.

new moustache

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