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Giselle Interview – A Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Dreams have long been a focal point of both social and scientific intrigue. They are places of whim that warp and twist time, providing a platform for us each to be quietly and temporarily insane in our beds every night of the year.

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Oh Yeah Wow

Oh Yeah Wow are a Melbourne based rag tag group of animators, film-makers and friends who make astoundingly creative music videos for the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Gotye and most recently, Empra. Billing themselves as ‘Unlicensed pyrotechnicians, unappreciated comedians’ and ‘unemployed animators’, Oh Yeah Wow […]

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Dumb Ways To Die – Smart way to get 29m YouTube hits

By now, you have probably seen Melbourne‘s Metro Trains new and cutely macabre campaign, “Dumb Ways to Die”. If you haven’t, (what have you been doing?) here it is; As officially Australia‘s fastest-spreading viral video, “Dumb Ways to Die”, has taken on a life of […]

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80’s NYC Hardcore and Skinheads

Originating among working class youths in London in the 1970’s, Skinheads strong aesthetic soon caught on in a global way. Although the first skinheads were apolitical, it wasn’t long before the movement attracted less than desirable connotations relating to their political and social leanings. Despite […]

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Raving as it was initially intended – kaZantip

Each summer for five or six weeks the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine comes alive as kaZantip rolls into the otherwise desolate surrounds. First held in 1992 as a means to celebrate the end of the windsurfing season, Kazantip has grown exponentially since. Moving in 2001 […]

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